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2018 Young Woman of the Year Award

Our very own Shaza Rifi has taken this years Young Woman of the Year Award. Congratulations Shaz!

"Shaza Rifi is dedicated to building better communities, facilitating social enterprise and advocating for women and children to be free from domestic and family violence. Shaza is an Australian Muslim of Lebanese descent. She finished her Bachelor of Civil Engineering in 2013. Shaza is also President of the Muslim Women Association (MWA). As a young girl and teenager, Shaza attended leadership camps run by the MWA. It was here she developed a strong sense of social justice, the importance of social cohesion and participation and the desire to empower women. These days, in her role as President of MWA, she is leading the improvement of services and support for women facing domestic and family violence. She is guiding health, well-being and capacity-building portfolios to empower young people to provide Muslim women in Australia the opportunity to be a part of and contribute to Australia's diverse community."

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